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My back is hurting right now (menstrual pain; darn you, Mother Nature), but I’m trying to stay up until six because that’s when a certain someone will be back home. I know he could just talk to me when I wake up later in the morning, but he said he wanted to “tuck me in” when he got home. He can’t literally do that, but he likes me and I’m starting to like him, so why not? I go to bed late anyway.

Fairy Type Related Asks!

  • Gardevoir:

    How far would you go to protect your friends?

  • Clefable:

    Are you a shy person?

  • Snubull:

    What's your favorite breed of dog?

  • Togepi:

    Do you consider yourself a happy person?

  • Flabébé:

    What's your favorite kind of flower?

  • Xerneas:

    Do you enjoy spending time with nature?

  • Spritzee:

    What's your favorite aroma?

  • Swirlix:

    Favorite amusement park treat?

  • Sylveon:

    Do you wish to change something about yourself? If so, what?

  • Jigglypuff:

    What's your favorite song?

  • Marill:

    Favorite memory involving water.

  • Mawile:

    Do you consider yourself to be deceitful?

  • Klefki:

    What do you have on your keychain?

No. No, no, no, and a thousand more times, no.

EVERYBODY gets tired. It’s a function of the human body.

Many people have jobs that require them to work long hours during the week. I personally know someone who works so much, he only has time to eat once a day as a result and used to stay awake for days at a time (he probably still does and doesn’t tell me because I worry).

And don’t forget, some of these jobs are also dangerous. I’m pretty sure a paramedic, for example, has a bigger responsibility than a parent who needs to cook dinner and put their kids to bed at the end of the day. And they don’t have time to whine about it either.

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