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All the Chibiusa hate drives me insane. Usagi, Rei, Haruka, everyone has their really annoying moments. I feel like people just forgive them because the show doesn’t make them out to be comic relief like Chibiusa is forced to be.

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I definitely agree with this — even considering that I LOVE Haruka in every incarnation of SAILOR MOON/SAILORMOON! Honestly, I feel that the hatedom of Chibi-Usa stems from the fact that at her core, all her issues are all issues many of us (not-so-)secretly face in real life, issues we find difficult to overcome and thus hate to acknowledge as a result. Think about it: would YOU be okay too if as a child you found your home under attack, your parents killed in front of you while being told by the attackers/killers that if you hadn’t managed to screw anything up none of this would’ve happened, even if you weren’t actually complicit in their deaths? And that’s not even starting the fact that she’s growing up very lonely under the watch of well-meaning and loving but very busy parents whose strong legacy is a burden she knows she must uphold, with few friends and peers to keep her in check much less simply like her? It’s a miracle that between the self-esteem issues, the loneliness and the self-blaming she’s got, she manages to find it in herself to smile and just wake up in the morning. Hell, you’ve got to hand it to her for single-handedly choosing to be pro-active in finding a way to fix the situation by going to an unfamiliar place and time while clinging to the belief that she could find someone to help her!

Of course, it helps that she’s royalty, but really, guys, just think about it. A lot of her journey in the series is figuring out that she’s doing okay, that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as she takes as much responsibility for them as she does with her successes, that she’s loved and has people who have her back, that she’s stronger than she gives herself credit for, that she can take care of other people on her own terms… and she’s doing it all while stuck as a child. So Chibi-Usa bashers, tell me you never made mistakes during those days when you were figuring life out, tell me you never once felt alone or lonely even around crowds because of what you were going through, tell me you never regret any of your past decisions, before you start pitching a fit on how annoying, self-absorbed or vile a character she is. Thanks.

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